Five Clicks Away is a Wikipedia-based game, created by Fair Use Media at August 2016.


  1. Start from Wikipedia’s Main Page
  2. Search for anything you like and choose one article, or just hit “Random article“, this will be your starting point.
  3. From that article click a link to another Wikipedia article, do not go beyond Wikipedia.
  4. Repeat rules #3 four times. Or, you can start over from your starting point.
  5. Make a great blog post from those 6 articles.
  6. Don’t forget to tag it with “fiveclicksaway”.

Wikipedia logo english


  1. You may do the game several time and compare the result of “how far”, “how surprising” or “how funny” those articles are. Especially when you try to compose a story relating them all.
  2. You may add your own rules to the original rules. Example: “Use only geographical or actual existing place article as the valid points”. Just let us know.
  3. You may develop similar game. Just let us know.